RTP – Roles

Everyone will have a role to play as we get back on the field. Please take a look to see how you can help make this transition a smooth one for our players and families.

We are now in Inning 3 and have started to play games. Spectators will not be allowed due to Gathering size constraints. The only parents that will be allowed to attend will be any that are holding roles, such as coach, field set-up, Sanitation Champion, Distance Monitor, Attendance Tracker/Screener, and In-Charge Person.
All other parents will be required to Drop and Go.

Tracks attendance throughout each game/practice. This will include any players, coaches, and spectators that watch for an extended period of time. You are not responsible for casual park users.

Please use the forms below to keep track of your attendance. ALL teams are to submit to lfafields@gmail.com upon completion of activity.

The Attendance Tracker must ensure that attendance sheets are submitted to the Attendance Coordinator at the completion of each softball activity. This information will only be provided to an authorized health authority or local government representative who has the legal right to obtain such information , or to Softball BC staff for the purpose of contact tracing in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19. All records are to be destroyed after the 90-day period. Attendance may be tracked either on paper or electronically.

The Screener will be responsible for pre-screening of all participants and spectators attending a Facility (this does not include casual park users or others attending the Facility for purposes other than softball, only those who are attending the softball activities). Before any individual is allowed to go onto the diamond, or engage in either softball activities, or to be there as a spectator, they must be screened to determine if they are permitted entry. These questions must be answered by everyone and if they give a positive answer to any of the following questions, that person must be instructed to either return home, or to seek medical attention,
but they are not allowed to attend the scheduled softball activities.
Screening questions are:

  • Are you exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, dry cough, chest or respiratory pain?)
  • Has any member of your household exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
  • Have you or any other member of your household arrived from outside Canada in the past 14 days?

Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing equipment used by their team or group during the softball activity. It is also recommended that teams clean bases, and if fenced, the gates and latches leading into and out of the playing area prior to beginning the softball activity.

This includes balls, that should disinfectanted frequently during the activity. This can be done by spraying with disinfectant and rubbing with the cloth or by spraying disinfectant on the cloth and rubbing down individually.

If bats are shared, they must be wiped down between users.

Once a team or group’s organized activity has ended, that group or team must clean and sanitize the area used, including gates, latches and field equipment, including, but not limited to bases, pitching machines, tees and/or nets, and dugouts and equipment storage areas if used.

The Team Sanitizing Champion will be responsible for bringing the Sanitizing Bucket to each team event and also emailing operationslfa@gmail.com if any refills are required.

Sanitizing Bucket Contents:

Team Hand Sanitizer

Spectator Hand Sanitizer

Refill bottle of Hand Sanitizer

5 masks and 5 pairs of gloves for First-Aid

2 rags for cleaning balls, with disinfectant.

A person assigned by each team to monitor the physical distancing of their team’s players, coaches, and spectators on and off the field.

A person (could be a coach or manager or parent) who is in attendance at a game and is the person that is designated to go onto the field if an injury occurs – wherever possible this should be a person with first aid training.

In the event that first aid is required to be administered during an activity, all persons attending to the injured individual(s) must first put on a mask and gloves.

A guide for employers and Occupational First Aid Attendants:

First aid protocols for an unresponsive person during COVID-19: