Amateur athletics benefits the community as a whole, strengthening community and social ties.

Like most organizations, Langley Fastball Association relies on dedicated volunteers in order to offer the very best programs possible.

All of our participants are required to provide a minimum of 4 volunteer hours to aid in the success of our programs.  sign up for volunteer hours is done during registration, through the automated registration system.

If you are able to commit to more, or are looking to offer a unique service that we hadn’t thought of, please contact our volunteer coordinator directly. lfavolunteerco@gmail.com

For some roles we will need a RCMP criminal record check completed. If you are planning on coaching please follow this link and complete the form as soon as possible.  https://justice.gov.bc.ca/eCRC/  . Please use access code: W7NK7CAUF4


Pre-Season & Admin Jobs












Tournament Staff


Pre-Season Field Prep

Those fields don’t prep themselves after the long wet winter! We start off the season right with a bit of weeding, a bit of sweeping and a bit of fun. Our field prep days will get you involved in making sure those bases are straight, and home plate is where it should be. Digging for the second base pin is always a fun way to start the season.

Pre-Season Equipment Prep

Along with our equipment manager, you will help to get the equipment bags ready for this years teams to hit the fields. Get involved with picking out the best gear for each team, and making sure that the teams are ‘ready to go’ with a well stocked equipment bag!

Uniform Handout

Under the supervision of our uniform managers, you will help the players find the right size, number and colour for a great season. You will also help coaches grab their equipment for the season. A fast paced but fun event, this is always one of our most popular volunteer jobs.

Team Photo Night

Make sure our team photos run smoothly by helping coaches and families fill out forms. Also help the photographer organize teams to stay on schedule.


Spirit Wear sales

Help us run the Spirit Wear tent including sales and helping people place online orders. Take a run around the park and sell some 50/50. Everyone loves to win a bit of money.

Tourney Staff:

Our association will host at least 3 tournaments this season. We need help with field prep, sales, event set up and clean up after the event.  This is a great way to get out in the fresh air, participate in a community event and watch some great softball games while you help to keep the days activities running smoothly.

Concession Stand & Sales

​Assist our Food and Beverage Coordinators with the concession stand. Its our job to keep those ball players fed and watered as they work through the tournaments this season.

First Aid (Tournaments)

With your knowledge of applying band aids, ice-packs and assessing bumps and bruises, your first aid training gets you a comfortable seat, a radio and a lot of respect for the afternoon. All of our tournaments require a first aid attendant with at least a basic first aid ticket in attendance. multiple first aid attendants scheduled each day will trade off and juggle to make sure the event is covered.



Cash my Volunteer Cheque!

We understand that volunteering isn’t for everyone, or your work schedule might make helping out next to impossible. We offer an option to cash that volunteer cheque, with no questions asked instead of completing volunteer work for both team and league work.


In addition to a ‘league role’ as listed above, the team also needs your help.