Frequently Asked Questions that come up during the registration process.

When does registration open for the spring season?

Registration for the following Spring usually opens in early November and closes in mid-late March, depending on the division.

When does the season start and how long is it?

The season will start the first week of April and will run until the end of June. If your team qualifies for Provincials, they will be in July.

How many days a week with the teams play?

All teams will play 2 league games a week or for the younger kids, they will have 2 sessions a week.

Do the teams also practice?

U12 and up will have 1 practice a week, day and time will be determined by the coach. U10 may practice once a week. Younger ages do not practice as their sessions are a combination of a practice and a game already.

What equipment do I need for my child to play?

Each player will need the following:



Cleats (soccer ones are fine)

Players wanting to try the Catching position will also need a Jill.

Where is the best place to buy the equipment?

Most of the required items can be purchased anywhere that sells sporting goods. If you are looking for a more specialized softball store, we do have a few in Langley.

Ball Park Sports

Home Run Sports

MVP Athletics

Used equipment also works well. These stores have an generous assortment of equipment.

Sports Replay

Play It Again Sports



Do I have to stay and supervise my kids during games and practices?

We do ask that for our LTP, U8, U10, and U12 divisions that parents do stay.

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