What is Fastball?

Fastpitch softball, also known as fastpitch or fastball, is a form of softball. The International Softball Federation (ISF) which is the international governing body for softball identifies fastpitch softball (or fastball) based on the type of windup and pitch used by the pitcher not necessarily the pitch speed.  Fastpitch uses a windmill type windup where the ball starts at the pitcher’s hip, is moved in a circular motion for one full rotation in a windmill style and then released at the hip with a snap of the hand.

In fastpitch, much like baseball, the batter may bunt and steal bases but unlike baseball, the batter may not lead off from the base before the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand.  The most common color for fastpitch softballs are the very bright “optic” yellow color.  The size of the softball varies in size based on age and level of the players from 10” to 12”. In Langley, Fastpitch is played mostly by girls once they reach the U10 age division. Both boys and girls play in the younger divisions.